strategy & operations

Now is the time for operational leaders to step up to the stage and become a linchpin in achieving company profitability and growth goals. Sound operations management transcends daily business requirements and builds competitive advantage. This is a much bigger vision than just being a cost-effective business enabler. It requires forward, innovative thinking and agile response to rapidly changing markets, technologies and global cost structures.

Jagasia Consulting Groups operations practice connects clients’ strategies with execution. We start with the premise that operations can and should be a strategic asset, and we bring the industry, functional and technology depth required to rapidly close the gap between ideas and results. Whether it’s innovating to drive growth, strategically reducing costs, improving operational flexibility, managing risk, improving capital efficiency, complying with complex regulatory requirements or realizing deal value, we have what it takes to be your partner of choice.


Enable Growth

Growth can be elusive in today’s economy. Global markets seem stuck in a relatively low gear, and many traditional business models are waning as new market participants and technologies redefine worldwide commerce. But successful firms seize the opportunity to drive growth on multiple paths: new markets, new products, new services, new channels and supply chains, and a new customer experience. In short, the business and operating model itself may change. CEO’s are seeking more from operational leaders than holding the line on costs—they’re also asked to create value and contribute to growth.

Drive Profitablity

Scarcely any industry or company has been untouched by the most recent global recession and its long-running aftermath. Most companies have already realized the “easy wins” in reducing costs. Profitability pressures are relentless, however, and operational leaders are being asked to dig deeper to improve margins. In many cases, the path to greater profitability requires an analysis and improved alignment of customer demand, products and services, supply sources, labor costs, talent, energy costs and tax regimes. But how can these factors be aligned to improve the bottom line?

Fulfill corporate responsiblity

Regulatory requirements and stakeholder expectations are heading in only one direction—up. The demands are pervasive, and reputational damage to laggards can be swift. For some, addressing new requirements is a matter of survival. But a forward-looking, proactive approach can establish an operating model and culture that go beyond compliance to actually enhance competitive position and shareholder value.


Markets and customer segments have widely varying growth rates and needs, while technology continues to expand customer solutions and channels. At the same time, global macroeconomic changes, political instability, natural disasters and resource shortages are emerging with increased magnitude and frequency. In short, the only constant is change. Amidst this volatility, companies that value agility are meeting the challenges and realizing superior performance.