Freelance (Mentoring Program)


Occasionally we come across issues which might not require projectized work, procurement, or essentially any type of work which might not necessarily fall under any of our other service offerings — issues such as data recovery for personal devices, persona/business websites, SEO marketing, photography, video editing, writing, data analysis and more.

Just shoot us a request — we believe in having a broad spectrum of skills within our group and are more than eager to take on more exciting and new opportunities.

Cue our Freelance Services – which is part of our mentoring program. Jagasia Consulting Group believes in continual growth and experience, and what better way to expedite the growth process than to give our team opportunities to expand their skill sets by setting up a program where can have a senior JCG member guide a junior member through the process.

How The Freelance Mentoring Program WorksSimple 3 Step Process

Step 1Work Identified

The first step in any successful endeavor is to identify the goals — in this particular case, our goal will be the end result of the request we have received.

Our decision, determination process includes the following.

  1. Skill Sets
    1. Once a potential candidate for freelance work is identified we determine if JCG currently possesses the skill sets to accomplish the task.
  2. Resources
    1. If JCG has the required skill sets to accomplish the task, we will then determine whether we have the necessary resources to resolve your problem, or provide a solution within a reasonable time-frame.
    2. This is where the Mentoring Program really shines — we encourage our team to continually improve — once work is identified and an experienced JCG team member is available, we will give our entry-level team members an opportunity to be part of the freelance work by educating and mentoring the junior member to ensure we are consistently adding value.
  1. Acceptance
    1. Prior to beginning any actual work, we will need to conduct a consultation interview to gather requirements, and the full scope of work to ensure both parties are fully aware and have a clear understanding of the end result.

(Please note not all work is accepted, as any consulting firm we do have a rigorous process in place for identifying suitable work dependent on several factors and not entirely dependent upon the requested work itself.)

Step 2Work!

Once both parties have agreed upon the work to be performed and have a clear understanding of what the result —  work will begin right away. We also give you the option to be involved in the process or ‘set it and forget’ – where we’ll contact you once the work is complete so you can breathe easy.

Here at Jagasia Consulting Group, the process is what is valuable to us, it’s what keeps us motivated, driven, educated and keeps us growing. Which is why we also give our customers the option to have their solution or problem documented and delivered along with the end result.  JCG retains a knowledge base of all solutions and services provided.

The documentation includes the The document then becomes an asset and will be added to our knowledge base for future reference.  The same documentation will give our team the opportunity to walk through requests we have received and how we achieved the final result.

*Please note background and clearance checks will be required. If you do not have a clearance will conduct a background check. Any work including sensitive data will not be present in any documentation. Jagasia Consulting Group will follow best practices in handling and management of data.. 

Step 3Complete

Once a solution or problem has been resolved, our team will reach back out to you to go over the final result and answer any questions or inquiries you might have for us. At this point we will want to ensure you are fully satisfied with the end result and request additional feedback. If there are adjustments that need to be made to the services rendered or solution, depending on the percentage of change – we would potentially need to re-scope the work. First few small adjustments will be made at no cost.

how can we help you?

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